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After you file your taxes how long does it take to get your tax refund?
Since the tax return is the document you file with the IRS, I believe you are asking how long until you receive a federal tax refund.The answer depends on how you filed the tax return, the contents of the tax return, and the requested disbursement method for you refund. If electronically filed and direct deposit to your bank account is requested,you may receive a refund in as little as 8 days-14 days. If you asked to have the refund mailed to you, it could be closer to 14–28 days.If you are claiming certain benefits like Earned Income Credit or Child Tax Credit, the timeframe is closer to 4 weeks. With other benefits such as Injured Spouse form 8379, or if you filed an Amended tax return, the usual timeframe is about 12 weeks. However, these estimates are just my experience and vary based on the caseload at the IRS, because the law requires some benefits to be more highly scrutinized before refunds are issued.Other common situations could extend the timeframe much longer and require additional response by you. For instance, if you are missing certain forms such 8962 which reports certain Affordable Healthcare information or form 8862 because your Earned Income Credit was disallowed in a previous year, then you might need to send in additional forms and information before the IRS would process your return and issue a refund.You can track the status of your return and refund at Where’s My Refund at Refunds | Internal Revenue ServiceDisclaimer: Since you are not my client, the above message is not intended to constitute written tax advice,but general information for discussion purposes only. You should not, therefore, interpret the statements to be written tax advice or rely on the statements for any purpose.
How long does it take to get your tax refund after its been accepted on your card from H&R Block?
OK, let’s start with the basics. I’m going to list what the IRS specifically says. E-Filed Returns *CAN TAKE UP TO 48 HOURS FOR ACKNOWLEDGEMENT* This is merely the IRS taking a quick look at the Name(s) on the return, Date of Births listed and Social Security Numbers. Verifying that all of those are correct and that none of them has already filed and/or been claimed on a return.This simply is them *accepting* the return. From there *IT CAN TAKE UP TO 21 DAYS FOR THE REFUND TO BE ISSUED*. Now if you are getting a direct deposit and/or one of those cards that H&R Block, Liberty Tax, etc offer, it *generally* will be faster. If you are getting a paper check it takes longer.As well as if you paper filed instead of e-filed your return.As a tax preparer, I *WILL NOT* make a promise I can not back. I tell them this is your *projected* return, based on all the information you have provided to me. I emphasize the time frames per what the IRS guidelines say. I also point out that *IF* you owe any federal debt(s) that they can be deducted *BEFORE* you see your refund. I also state that *on average* most of my clients have seen it around two weeks after the date the return is accepted.Keep in mind the IRS moves at it’s own speed, and this year especially, due to the budget games going on, it’s running a lot slower then prior years. We’ve been hearing of them running roughly 10 to 15% behind where they were last year. That may not sound like a *huge* amount, but keep in mind that is *OVERALL PROCESSING OF RETURNS* That’s a lot bigger then you think it is.As for State Refunds• all depends on the state or states that you are getting a refund from. Some are very, very slow, while others are fairly fast. Some give you a general window, some will give you exact dates.
How long does it normally take to get your New York State tax refund?
Taxing agencies never like to say.  They'll give you a 'conservative' answer, like "six to eight weeks (faster if you e-file)," in the case of New York State.  That's about the closest "official" answer you'll receive.  I would interpret that as six to eight weeks at the very latest.  If you get it sooner, be happy (but no promises).It's impossible to predict the inflow of returns they'll receive and, as such, cannot promise anything.http://www.tax.ny.gov/pit/file/r...[unrelated:  I keep meaning to ask you, are you the one on the left or right in your avatar?]
How long does it take to solve an identity theft situation involving your income taxes?
Working with the IRS, you should probably expect about 6 months, but sometimes it takes a year or more if the case is very complicated.
How long does it take to get a tax refund after the ITR gets processed?
Generally it shall not take more than 10/12 working days.
How long does it take to get your New Jersey state tax refund?
About three weeks, typically, unless there are any serious issues with your return that prevent the state from processing it easily. Also, if you have past due state taxes, the refund will be applied toward it (the IRS can also take your state taxes if you have any delinquent taxes with them).
How long does it take to get your federal tax refund in Tennessee?
For a paper check refund,A day more then the refunds issued to taxpayers in Philadelphia Pennsylvania and Austin Texas areas.For a EFT it would be the same, Ones and Zeroes move at the speed of light, so that refund would get delivered at almost the same time, While a paper check need to hop on an airplane to get delivered.
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