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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How does criminal identity theft happen

Instructions and Help about How does criminal identity theft happen

Hello everyone this is Greg with info USA one this is a very quick video to answer a question that gets searched for a lot and that is how does identity theft happens now by now most all of us are pretty sure what identity def is the statistics are very alarming every year there are over 13 million people who fall victim to identity theft in the United States and the numbers are growing each year so here are five fairly simple but still the most common ways that it happens and the first is a old-fashioned purse snatching pickpocket lifting your wallet etc years ago people would just get the cash and throw everything away nowadays they're looking for any kind of information that they can use to open up a brand new account in your name the next is simply going through the trash now we're all guilty of throwing away credit card statements the monthly bank statements without giving it another thought but there's a phenomenon called dumpster diving and that's where people will literally go through an apartment complex office buildings or some kind of community dumpster looking for information it is recommended that you get a fairly inexpensive paper shredder for your home run those items through those paper shredders before you throw it away next is still very low-tech and that's just people stealing things directly out of your mailbox it is recommended that anything that offers you a paperless option your bank statements your credit card statements if they offer to send those to your email you should opt in and quit getting the in the mail to begin with things like Social Security payments any kind of check that you're expecting you should opt for a direct deposit and stop getting those paper checks next is a phenomenon that's growing it's called fishing and that's where scammers are literally fishing around for information it can be done over the phone through regular mail but the most common is through email you receive a email that looks legit from somewhere that you may actually have an account with but Bank some sort of government agency etc you should never click on anything in the email unless you are 100% sure that you are the one who initiated that communication if you think it may be legit then you contact them to verify they really sent you the information and the last is something that is increasing and it's called skimming and that's where scammers will put a device overtop of a legitimate ATM machine or anywhere where you may sweep your card now we're all real busy but it's recommended that we don't just immediately quickly swipe our cards take a moment to inspect it take a look at it see if anything looks funny maybe jiggle it around to see if it is loose and probably the best thing you can do is just quit using your main credit card.


What are some research topics in cyber security?
What are some research topics in cyber security? What are good ways to protect yourself from identity theft? Does anyone still use Gwoyeu Romatzyh to romanise Chinese? What is needed for identity theft? Why was my identity stolen? How does medical identity theft happen? How does identity theft happen online? How important is identity theft protection? How does identity theft basically happen?
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